Your climate archetype is:

The Storyteller

For The Storyteller, the only thing more satisfying than hearing a good story is telling one.

-Terry Tempest Williams

For The Storyteller, the only thing more satisfying than hearing a good story is telling one.

At this point, telling stories is probably second nature to you. But it’s also your superpower.

The Storyteller is the perfect mouthpiece for complex ideas.

Admit it: You get a little frustrated when someone butchers a good story or makes something simple seem convoluted. But that’s because you’re uniquely capable of breaking down big ideas and presenting them in a way that is both compelling and easy to digest. So, for an issue as complicated and intimidating as climate change, we wouldn’t want anyone else on the job.

The Storyteller finds themselves overwhelmed by injustices in the world.

But let’s be clear: Your sensitivity is not a weakness. It’s your compass, and it’s your engine. Embrace it. It’s the very thing that drives you to explore difficult topics and make sense of them—for yourself and for those around you.

The Storyteller believes that stories are what move people.

Chances are, stories are what piqued your interest in climate action in the first place. Now, stories are going to be your most powerful tool in inspiring, educating, and driving the movement forward. Check out the resources below to find out how The Storyteller champions climate action.

The Storyteller in Action

Meet Serena Mendizabal, a storyteller and policy change-maker that is putting indigenous governance at the core of climate justice. Get involved with her work here.

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