So, why a quiz?

A lot of us don’t know how to fight climate change. We know that we want to—but the “how” keeps
eluding us. 74% of young people don’t know how they can contribute to climate action. But, after a
couple years of being in this movement, we’ve learned something: everybody’s strengths, perspective,
and experiences are valuable (no, vital) in the fight to make our planet habitable and just.

So we built this quiz. It’s like any other personality quiz you’ve ever taken—but with some added
twists. Once you take it, you’ll get assigned a climate warrior archetype: one of eight profiles that
reflect different mindsets in the movement. With that archetype you won’t just get a cute description
and some similar celebrities. You’ll also get resources, guidance, and the opportunity to connect
based on the mindset that you’re bringing to the table in the fight to save our planet.

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Created by:
My Media Creative

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My Media is a creative agency for social change and climate action. We’ve worked with more
than 100 purpose-driven nonprofits, social enterprises, and charities to amplify their work.
Our work in advertising, branding, and design for such brilliant organisations has inspired us
with a sense of purpose. We wanted to create something that would aim to do the same for others.

Funded by:
The Foundation for
Environmental Stewardship

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Tristan Surman

Tristan Surman

"I wish I could tell my younger self that one day I’d be making quizzes for social change. It’d totally freak him out."
Ella Roy

Ella Roy

"This quiz will change your life like the "Which Frozen Character Are You" quiz changed mine."
Tony Wang

Tony Wang

"Is writing an internet quiz about climate activism the only thing I've used my Cognitive Science degree for since graduating? I'd rather not say."
Liam Chung

Liam Chung

"How do I reckon with being the only non-creative at a creative agency? I don't have to, I coded this quiz to do it for me."